Finding the right type of tutors is absolutely crucial to the success of our organisation and we must continue to attract the most talented, inspiring individuals to help students be the best that they can be. Getting positive feedback from our tutors, hearing that they love being part of our organisation tells us that we're doing something right which will ultimately fuel the growth of our business and the learning of our students.

As with customer testimonials, we issue surveys to our tutors to find out how we're doing, what we're like to work with and to outline areas we can improve (and if we don't know, we can't change).

Thanks for all your feedback tutors!


As a tutor I value the flexibility of being able to arrange times and discuss progress directly with families. TutorDoctor is great in finding students for its tutors within their area whilst maintaining the flexibility to take on new students or not depending on the tutor's schedule and preferences. TutorDoctor provides stability and consistency in finding families committed to regular tutoring.


My tutor experience with Tutor Doctor has been nothing but rewarding. When I completed my teaching degree while working in a healthcare/pharmaceutical industry, I had no idea where to embark my journey in the field of education. Hugh interviewed me and recruited me as a mathematics tutor. Then I was able to use my tutoring experience to solidify my mathematics knowledge and to get me fully prepared to become a highly qualified teacher.


Hugh, my boss, is wonderfully supportive and understanding. Paperwork and all the administrative aspects are always done in a timely fashion. It's, in general, so far a very good company to work for.


Quick and personal communication. Timely regular pay. Attempts to provide best matches with prospective clients.


Convenience and flexibility; I can accept or turn down jobs at my convenience, and can work with the parents/student to sort out a time and day that works for both of us. As a uni student with a busy schedule, this makes a world of difference.


Tutor Doctor is exceptionally professional in its approach. The service allows tutors to tailor teaching to the needs of each individual. The session reports keep parents informed of what is being taught/covered in each session.


My experience at tutor doctor has been wonderful. The owners have been so supportive and proactive in placing me with families that suit the child and me. They keep in contact with the tutors and the families to ensure that everything is working well, this practice of feedback is beneficial to everyone involved and is very reassuring. They are open to any questions or issues and are always contactable. It is great to have the freedom to be able to support a student's learning in personalised ways, and not have to follow a curriculum. I feel that the Tutor doctor system is beneficial to the child, family and tutor.


In my time at TutorDoctor, along with being part of a global network of tutors, I have come to appreciate the organisation and flexibility that underpins the process. The lines of communication are always open between the owner, the tutor and the student's family, providing the tutor with feedback and a chance to sort any queries. This is complemented by a thorough continuous reporting system which provides both feedback to the families and a structured way of reviewing the progress of each student over time in order to better adapt future tutoring sessions to their academic needs and learning style. As a tutor, there is great flexibility, from organising session times directly with students/families, to employing individual tutoring styles and deciding whether or not to take on new students as each case arises. Furthermore, Tutor Doctor eliminates the difficulty and uncertainty of finding and maintaining clients, helping pair students to tutors based on their individual needs, personality and location. As a university undergraduate, this has been ideal for arranging my tutoring commitments around my studies, whilst being able to partake in a job in which I have individual contact with clients and am able to see their progress.


Tutor doctor is a professional and friendly organisation to work for with immediate help available with a phone call or an email to deal with any issues that may arise. It is very well organised in that, both students and tutors are chosen to suit the students' needs and the style of tutor required. Due to the one on one interviews conducted by the organisation, the tutor has a good knowledge of the abilities of a student, before they meet for their first session. Once you have made contact as a tutor you then have the flexibility to change around the times of the sessions as and when required. The Big Apple service is easy to use and acts a reminder to the tutors of previous sessions if you want to refer back to them, also, giving the parents a report on what was achieved each session. I would thoroughly recommend the service to both students and other tutors.


Working with Tutor Dr has been an extremely positive and rewarding experience. I have enjoyed working with every one of my students. This can largely be put down Hugh's behind the scenes work, to make sure all runs smoothly. Hugh meets with each student and family ensuring I am carefully matched to my students based on personality and the student's needs (and geographical location). Hugh is extremely supportive and approachable. If there are any bumps along the way, I know help is just a phone call away. This may be in the form of advice, a discussion with the family, learning resources, or even arranging another tutor to come to my aid. Payment is reliable, accurate and never delayed, which is also very comforting. As a Uni student, I know balancing Uni and work can be challenging. The flexible hours are ideal as they allow me to work around a busy Uni schedule. Overall, watching the students develop whilst continually learning myself makes tutoring extremely interesting and satisfying.