Mary Battista, Parent of Domenic

First and foremost I want to thank you for the wonderful tutor you found for Domenic.
Since Tara has been spending time with Domenic we've noticed a significant difference, his confidence is starting to show and he is finally starting to enjoy going to school. He looks forward to his learning sessions with Tara, she is a wonderful, caring, outgoing and reliable individual.

Melissa (Grade 11), Daughter of Ronilo and Mel

Tutor Doctor has been a great help towards my education. They encouraged me to work harder and gave me advice about my future at university.
Thanks to Tutor Doctor I am doing better and succeeding in high school.

Carla, Parent of Danielle

Armel is great! Everything is going well....Danielle got a math test back (before we started the tutoring) and had a 57. She has since had another test on which she did great. She's raised her overall average considerably… up 20% since we met.
Have a great Christmas and New Years, if I don't speak to you.

Irrat Kahloon, Parent of Amesh

I am very impressed with the services that Tutor Doctor has been providing my son. His grades and his confidence have improved dramatically over only 5 short weeks!
He has learned skills that have reinforced the school program as well as things that he will be able to use in his future academics.